Apps for young mothers and newborns

The birth of a child is not only joy and positive emotions. It is also a huge responsibility. Caring for a baby requires constant attention and is accompanied by great effort, both physical and psychological. Until then, until the child grows up, you need to be prepared to sleepless nights, baby crying and fussy. A young mother is very difficult. To help come to her relatives – husband, grandparents, aunts and uncles. At the same time we understand that most of the problems still falls on the fragile shoulders of a young mother.

Feed Baby

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The app will help you not to miss feeding time, bathing or medication management. After you have completed the task, the application can make a mark. It disciplinary and is an excellent method of control for a young mother who is constantly in a state of fatigue and stress, and it is easy to forget what has been done and what is not. Download feed baby app!

Each event can comment and send the report via e-mail.

Baby monitor

Extremely handy accessory – monitor. While the child is sleeping, the mother can go about their business. But if the baby woke up and cried, the device will immediately report it. The price of this gadget is quite high and not always the young parents can afford to buy it. At the same time, the smartphones have today. Why not assign the function of baby monitors on the smart device? Moreover, for this you just need to install the appropriate application.


This app will function as a baby monitor. Configured the software is very easy to use it can anyone. In the settings you just need to specify the phone number that the application should work. After that, the Android device can be left in a room with a sleeping baby.

When the child wakes up and cries to the specified program number will be called. The support and the feedback option on the smartphone with the software installed can call, the application will answer incoming, and the child will hear a familiar voice.


The most important element of a child’s development are games. Interest in a smartphone, in any case, the baby will manifest. And it is better if you attract his attention to educational, useful for motor skills games. We will discuss two such applications.

My Baby Care

My Baby Care

orable babies are not newborns anymore, their moms and dads put them into day care to you. Baby kids are playing in the interactive playroom and waiting for your attention. Delight those cute children with diverse care activities in 6 lovely scenes, like a funny bathing, foamy teeth-brushing, changing the nappy, trendy dressing, tasty food, beauty sleep and joyful play. Babies want you at the same time, so satisfy their wishes step by step and take care that they don’t start crying! Download my baby care game!

My baby: Piano

The application is an electronic piano. After starting the program on the smartphone display appear colored keys. There are two game modes – drum or piano. The program contains a few simple tunes.

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