Okabu Review

Okabu is one of the finest game with a beautiful message in it, which is asweet ecological message. You gain points by cleaning rivers, watering withered plants and recycling waste. With industrial aggressors frequently making life more and more tough, the game is really a good one to play.

Platforms: PlayStation 3 (PSN)
Developer: Hand Circus
Publisher: Hand Circus
Released: 19 October 2011

The player plays asKumulo and Nimbe,two cloud-whales who plunge into the earth to investigate the sudden cases for pollution. The player is welcomed by a rural tribe called Yorubo. Finally, you discover that their neighbors, the Doza build factories, refineries and gigantic dams on their turf.

As clouds, you spray water naturally to make the plants grow or frazzle the patrolling Doza robots. Sucking up oil allows you to create a burning path to immolate enemies, destroy wooden obstacles or ignite explosives. It’s basically a minor campaign of eco-terrorism.

With the game progressing, there are few physics-based puzzles and thereby you are introduced to Captain Monkfish, who carries a plunger on a rope.The unfortunate thing about these physics-based puzzles are that, it is were the game begins to lose the momentum of the game. After meeting the Captain, the player can use the plunger to pull and tug objects to solve puzzles.

With the phyiscs based puzzles, the game feels a little bit repetitive but the arrows of the game makes you more interactive and also easy for to play the game. Picolo shortly afterward the puzzles. Picolo plays flute and charm animals, from goats and bulls that charge through fences and enemies, to bird-like creatures that munch through obstructive shrubs.

Later in the game, you will be introduced to Roki, who can use Doza machinery and Kat, who can use hamster-like Kudus to activate mechanisms or attack enemies. These few characters in the game add new elements to the gameplay to each world but also bringing the same level of flaws that are being found in the previous levels.

The only thing which puts itself in the limelight is the music of the game. Even of you are frustrated or confused with the levels, the environment of the game makes you more lively, catchy and hilarious. The tribal banter mixed with drum beats and strings are sure to make your feet tap.

The enemies of the game are really no fun to play and especially if you are a gamer playing games like Battlefield, Gears of War and others, then this game is sure to turn your moods off.

Verdict :
Okabu’s first impression is excellent as the audio and video of the game is great but the game, as progresses loses its phase. The imagination of the game has not be sustained all over the game and sometimes you feel very repetitive which makes you a little boring.

The main thing to be noted is that the game is been developed by just five members. A small team developing a game with a social message is really great.

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