Wizard of Oz Magic Match: Cheats, Tips and Guide

The magnificent universe of The Wizard of Oz goes to your iOS gadgets! Wizard of Oz: Magic Match takes the match-3 riddle diversion equation all of you know and cherish and brings it some place over the rainbow! Devotees of the film and novel will discover bounty to love here, as you’ll keep running into a cast of natural characters.

1. Use the butterflies!

Coordinating four things in a square makes an enchantment butterfly of that shading. Whenever coordinated, a butterfly will quickly arrive on a super thing some place on the load up. On certain levels where there are pieces of the board scattered around in difficult to achieve places, these butterflies are lifelines in the event that you have to actuate a super thing. For instance, on the levels where you have to break the majority of the ice squares, actuating a closed off super thing utilizing a butterfly can turn the tides!

2. Go for Glinda!

On levels where you Glinda is available, ensure you take full favorable position! Amid a level where she’s around, there are enchantment stars on the board. Coordinating these stars will build the enchantment meter at the upper right corner of the screen, directly beneath Glinda herself. In the event that you can top it off the distance, Glinda will act the hero if you come up short on moves and you haven’t achieved your goal yet. She’ll spread her enchantment in all cases, transforming irregular things into super pieces, and she’ll additionally give you back a few moves. On particularly difficult levels, this could mean the contrast amongst triumph and thrashing!

3. Continuously go for your goal!

Thoroughly consider your advances and plan! At an early stage you can be liberal with your moves, yet later on you’ll have to make the most of each and every one. Not surprisingly, there’s no time confine so thoroughly consider every move painstakingly before you focus on it. Before anything, you ought to dependably consider if your turn is going to convey you one stage nearer to your goal objective. You ought to dependably organize your target before anything!

4. Know your super things!

Like whatever other great match-3 riddle amusement, the way to beating the levels is exploiting the super things.

Enchantment pillars are made when you coordinate four things in succession. Whenever coordinated, these things will instantly coordinate the line or segment its in, contingent upon how it was framed.
Enchantment butterflies, as said above, are made while coordinating four things in a square shapes. Enacted butterflies will travel to adjacent super things on the board and naturally set them off. They’ll likewise demolish objective-related articles.
Enchantment air pockets are made when you coordinate five things in a “L” or “T” shape. Enchantment bubbles work like bombs. When they’re moved around, they’ll coordinate all encompassing things!

Glinda’s Crystal Ball is made when you coordinate five things consecutively. These are a definitive super thing! Coordinating this with some other thing will coordinate each and every thing of that same sort on the board immediately.
Coordinating six things in a super “T” shape will make a definitive candy. The candy will repaint every standard thing being swapped with it!
Furthermore, obviously, you can likewise join supers with each other to make some staggering impacts.

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